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"It really works, it cleared my skin in just 2 weeks, at first purchased the soap only woooow the stubborn black marks from the pimples fade away and now I purchased again the glow to set amazing, 😭 I can go out without any makeup on, trust me this product is a dream come true (acne gone)"  - Joyce T.


This kit is everything you need for a perfect clear skin regimen!

It has all the essentials you need for the perfect acne skin routine

We target acne and dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

✔ Psoriasis
✔ Blemishes.
✔ Acne
✔ Reduce Swelling and Irritation
✔ Dark Spots & Scars
✔ Even Out Hyperpigmentation


INCLUDE 1. Bar soap, 2. Cream, 3. Toner, 4. Mask, 5.Serum, 6. Scrub.
  1. Wash face with bar soap with hot water and rinse with cold water(may use all over the body too)
  2. Spray toner (Face repair toner) to face 6 to 10 inches distance. If not in rush, let the toner dry.
  3. Apply Glow-up Serum into palms and massage to face until dry. (Repeat if needed)
  1. Repeat face washing and toning And serum process from daily use.
  2. Apply a small amount of cream to the palms and massage all over the face. may add small amounts directly into the affected area.
WEEKLY: Repeat the face washing step, then apply the face repair mask (directions on the label. Rinse face with Luke-warm water, repeat the toning step above and apply moisturizer.


Main Ingredients: 

 Turmeric:  contains anti-inflammatory qualities that can target your dark spots, and pores and calm the skin.

 Tamanu oil:  helps make collagen and other components of your skin. Along with its wound-healing abilities, it can also help reduce scars.  

 Tea tree oil: is a popular choice for treating acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.